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Pre-Monday Motivation - Creating My Udemy Course

Hope you've all have a great weekend!

I thought I'd share this recent experience and deviate a bit from the technical side of things. 

Currently I am working on creating a Udemy course and I'll tell you now, do NOT underestimate how much time and effort goes into filming! 

Manged to put off starting it because I didn't like the amount of work it would involved to create it (TL;DR I was lazy). The best piece of advise I've heard for getting around this was:

"Don't think about it, just do it"

Sounds simple? It works surprisingly well, instead of thinking ahead of the big ordeal of filming and producing the content, don't think of all the work and instead jump right it and start. In the end I found myself really enjoying the process and where I was worrying about not having enough content for 30 minutes, I found myself hitting 6-10 minutes a lecture because I was passionate about the subject and kept riffing off with useful information. 

What initially made matters worse when filming was the amount of "events" that happened right before filming. Every time I would go to press film or start recording, something would happen:

  • A plane would fly overhead
  • Summer holidays and the kids aren't at school so outside they would run past the house screaming
  • Police sirens nearby
  • 2-3 phone calls
  • Someone would pop in to ask a question
  • Neighbours having a really LOUD conversation

At the start this was incredibly frustrating and would be an easy excuse to slip into old habits, however, there was a goal in mind and despite these setbacks I was determined to get at least ONE lecture filmed. I managed to make significant progress through it despite the setbacks and I plan to continue filming and later editing the course this week.

Don't think about it, just do it!


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