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Google - Lacking the human touch

Don't bite the hand that feeds you!

First and foremost, I am a big supporter of Google and think the company has great potential in the future and is innovating way beyond many of its competitors however, there is one downside I've notice more so recently with Google - but they can change it!

The lack of human touch. A recent and ongoing issue (I will update the blog once it is resolved) I am having is with Google's AdSense service. The issue is with domain verification however the process is completely automated. Sounds great? It isn't.

I know where it is failing but need support from Google as the issue is on their side, unfortunately the support consists of help pages which don't relate to my issue. I've tried reaching out via Twitter and I've also tried the forums with the usual response to wait or to go to the help pages.

This may be a very small minority who have issues like these where the system isn't there to support but it isn't any the less infuriating. A simple phone number to call or live chat would make this much easier to resolve and adds the human touch.

With chat bots getting more and more undistinguishable from humans and Google Duplex service (check it out - it will blow your mind!), it would be easy to implement a faux human touch with a real support team to pick up the issues.

Luckily I have time on my side and can wait but imagine this was a business trying to get AdSense setup on their new web service they are going to launch and then being the IT person having to explain to the Marketing Director we are waiting for someone on the community member forum to provide assistance and there is no business support.

Whilst this could come across as a rant, I hope Google takes from this and pushes their services with Chat Bots and Duplex to make support for all Google services easy and accessible to all.

Google, please keep up the good work and keep on innovating!


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